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The Making of Your Resume Video

We offer four types of  workshops: premade, group,  à la carte and kids.

 Our pre-made workshops are made in advance and available for purchase at a fixed price.  The  à la carte packages are made to the customer's specifications providing unlimited choices with a separate price for each item on the menu. The guaranteed lowest rate is available for our group workshops. 

So take a minute out of your busy schedule to claim your spot for one of our incredible workshops, today!  But first, view our samples.
Choose Your Workshop Package.
  1. Video Editing
    Video Editing
    Have video footage, but need editing. Upload your footage to us. We will show you how. Allow us to create a highly professionals video for you, Need to shorten your news resume video, let us reedit it to fit your needs.
  2. Entertainment News
    Entertainment News
    This workshop is for people who want to host a show like Entertainment Tonight, The Insider or Access Hollywood. Contact us today!
  3. General News
    General News
    Our news workshop builds the fundamental skills you need to tell strong, and compelling news. We offer workshops for traffic, weather, sports, business, health and general reporting and anchoring. iReporting and Anchoring Traffic Weather Sports Business Health.
  4. Demo Reel
    Demo Reel
    If you want a job in commercials, television or movies., this is the workshop package for you. This package is only available for customers living in Chicago.

Schedule an appointment to see our prices and click the square box to see what is include in each package.