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Blue Bloods (TV Series)
All Wifed Out
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News Anchor

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Media Broadcasting Talent provides professional video resume services since we opened our doors.  Every day, we strive to provide our customers with a personalized news or demo reel workshops at a great price. Each workshop has been specially designed, modify and implemented  to help our customers achieve their professional goal as an on-air personality or actor.  At the end of the training, you will receive a video resume or demo reel via the Internet, or we can send  a physical copy through the mail. It's just that simply.

Remember, news stations are looking for new talent, seeing your work will permit a news director to evaluate your potential for a entry level position. The same principle applies for an actor.   A casting director wants to see sample of your acting skills to assess your acting capabilities.  Let us make  preparation is the key to your success. Be ready to submit your news reels to a news station, or your demo reel to  a talent agencies. Stop missing job opportunities and show a prospective employer examples of YOUR WORK.

Another way to showcase your talent is by using our video editing services. Give us your raw footage. We can  reedit your video or add new material to your current reel.  Your footage will be stored digitally as a file for you to upload or make copies from, so you can be ready to show. With Media Broadcasting Talent's editing service, the possiblities are endless.

  1. General News
    In our demo reel workshop, clients will receive a video presentation designed to showcase their talents. The presentation will be copied onto a DVD for the client to send to casting agencies..
  2. Entertainment News
    In this workshop, clients will have the opportunity to anchor and report general news stories. Anchoring will report local, national and international news stories. Reporters will report local news.
  3. Video Editing Services
    In our entertainment news workshop, customers will report the latest news about celebrity gossip, fashion, travel, lifestyle, TV, movies, books and music.

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High Quality Videos. Everyday Low Prices.

At every Media Broadcasting Talent workshop, expect nothing less than a high-quality learning experience that produces real results and lifetime skills you'll use over and over again.

Media Broadcasting Talent makes news reels for an incredibly low price.  We are truly customer driven. We motivate, inform and train our customers to help them secure jobs in today's market.  We give our customers choices, convenience and control over the making of their news reels.  

We know the competition will always be intense for on-air  jobs. Recruiters have one goal in mind to find the most qualified candidate as quickly as possible. Being properly preparation is the secret to a successful job search. Having your news reel ready when an on-air position becomes available is key. So, if you want a job in news, Media Broadcasting Talent is the solution.
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Educational pricing available to college students and recent college grads. You must have graduated  from college in 2019.

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